Kitchen Manager

Essential FunctionsFood Service Preparation
Follows food production schedules.
Estimates food requirements and controls serving portions, eliminates waste and leftovers.
Prepares all food efficiently and in sufficient quantities in compliance with Cottage policy and in accordance to State standards.
Prepares and wraps meat for freezing.
Food Service Management
Makes regular inspections to ensure compliance with established policies and procedures including State standards.
Prepares and serves quality of meals and ensures food service is in accordance with Cottage policy and State regulations.
Ensures proper storage of food and other supplies in accordance with Cottage policy and State regulations.
Reviews all expenditures, establishes department priorities and makes recommendations for changes.
Ensures efficiency of food preparation and serving in compliance with State standards.
Attends meetings with staff and Residents as needed.
Ensures proper cleaning and maintenance of equipment in the food service department and completes the proper maintenance and housekeeping requisitions of this service.
Prepares cleaning schedule and assists in cleaning.
Personnel Management
Organizes, directs, and supervises foodservice staff (Homemakers/Resident Service Coordinators) directly in all subordinate functions including food prep, cleaning, meal serving, ordering, kitchen organization, etc.
Makes assignment schedules and coordinates activities of the food service department with other departments.
Ensures proper training on all food service staff and conducts in-service meetings and training programs for food service personnel.
Ensures proper sanitation, hygiene and health standards of personnel.
Performs all work or assigns work and is responsible for satisfactory completion of work scheduled for the Food Service Coordinator Checklist.
Assists in Dining Room serving as needed.
Procurement and Inventory Control
Determines all cost of food service operation, prepares recommendations for ensuing budget year, work within the current budgetary guidelines and maintains control over expenditures.
Consults with Managing Director on vendors and suppliers.
Interviews salesman regarding food service supplies, raw food, and equipment.
Purchases or directs the purchase of food service supplies, raw food, and equipment, and authorizes payment of invoices associated with department.
Maintains adequate department records, for food service statistics, costs, inventory control.
Estimates food requirements and controls serving portions, eliminates waste and leftovers.
Continues professional growth through current literature, membership in professional organizations, attendance at workshops and institutes.
Has full understanding of door alarm system, fire, safety, and emergency procedures.
Establishes food service policies and procedures.
Maintains communication with Managing Director on all matters and issues related to Food Services.
Position Specific Competencies
Ability to cook home-style meals for large groups of people
Ability to write, read and follow recipes
Excellent organizational skills.
Good mental and physical health, grooming, appropriate.
Must have thorough knowledge of food service management.
Must have sound knowledge of principles of cost accounting, record keeping, and budget planning and purchasing procedures.
Must have ability to supervise and secure cooperative personnel.
Must be able to lift 75 pounds unassisted and 125 pounds per person in a two-person lift.
Must demonstrate proper body mechanics when required to lift or assist in a lift.
Basic computing skills including the use of Internet, MS Word and MS Excel.
Job Requirements/Qualifications
High school graduate or equivalent.
Three years experience in supervisory position in food preparation and service.
Minimum three years experience in cooking.
Must have ability to supervise others and continue to be trained on the job in food preparation, cooking, estimating quantities and other service duties.
Will be regular in attendance, with the right attitude and attire.
We are a drug-free workplace. We do perform criminal background checks and substance abuse testing.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.

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